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People consume content across multiple platforms and on dozens or hundreds of channels. Audience fragmentation is at an all time high. But these platforms and channels can be harnessed to reach target audiences and better audiences.

FG3 Advanced Advertising identifies the right media platforms and refines the target audience to build a dominating presence with the target audience.

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One word makes all of the difference.

FG3 is built on an ethic of stewardship. Our client’s trust us with a precious and limited resource: Their ad budget. And we have a special responsibility to steward our client’s dollars ensuring delivery.

Stewardship is about service.

At FG3, we build relationships around the value of service. We assign executives and professionals who work to serve our clients needs by becoming an integral part of the client’s team.

Stewardship requires that we are responsible for staying ahead of the latest developments in the advertising industry. And so, we are advertising technology specialists. Our job is to evaluate opportunities and recommend approaches that make sense.

Finally, demonstrating the return on the advertising investments made by our clients is core to our stewardship responsibility.

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